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Certified Computer Hardware & Networking Professional

Duration : 1 Year (Daily 2 Hours)
»Module-1:Computer Basic
» Computer Fundamental  
» Windows XP 
» MS-Office, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Dos Operating System
» Internet, E-Mail, Chatting
»Module-2:Computer Program Installation
» DOS based software
   C, C++, Games, TT, Utility etc.
» Windows Based Software
 Windows Vista, Windows 7, Black XP, Crystal XP,
Win 2000/2003/XP, Corel-X3, X4, Pagemaker-7, MS Office-2003, 2007, 2010, Visual Studio, Oracle, VB 6.0, Auto CAD 2002, 2006, 2010, Photoshop 7, CS2, CS3, Oracle 8/9, Nero 7/9, Maya 2010, 3D Studio Max 2010, TT, Virus, Games, Tally 7.2/9, ERP 9,etc.
» Drivers
   VGA, Sound, DVD-ROM, DVD-Writer, TV Tuner Card, Printer Driver, Scanner, Modem, AGP Card, LAN Card.
1 Basic Electronic
» Basic Concepts
» Components
» Diode, Triode, Transistor, Register, Capacitor, IC.
» Measurement, Solution, Function, Soldering
2 Power Supplies
» Testing, Measurement, Fault, Repairing
1 Micro Processor
Types of Mouse, Function, Connection, Fault, Solution, Repairing
Types of Keyboard, Function, Connection, Fault, Solution, Repairing
4 Hard Disk
Types of Hard Disk, Capacity, Connectin, Fault, Solution, Repairing, Formatting, Prevention, Jumper Setting, Booting Process, Hard Disk to Hard Disk Copy
Types of CD-ROM, Capacity, Connection, Fault, Installation, Jumper Setting, Solution, Repair.
Bios (Basic input Output System)
Types of SMPS, Connection, Circuit, Diagram, Tracing, Voltage, Measurement, Fault, Repairing
Types of Monitor, Function, Circuit Diagram, Voltage Measurement.
Types of Speaker, Function, Fault, Circuit, Diagram, Voltage
Types o fUPS, Function, Fault, Circuit Diagram, Voltage
Types of Stabilizer, Function, Fault, Circuit Diagram, Voltage
Module-5 :
1 Micro Processor
Types of Microprocessor, Clock, Speed, Connection, Application.
2 Mother Board
Types of Mother Board, Connection, Installation, Jumper Setting, Fault, Function, Deferens.
3 Expansion Slot
Types of EISA Slot, PCI Slot, AMP & SNR Slot, Connections, Function, Deferens.
4 Expansion Card
Display Card, Sound Card, Internal Modem, External Modem, SCSI Card, I/O Card, TV Card, AGP Card, Function, Fault, Solution.
5 Memory Unit
Types of Memory (RAM & ROM) Connection, Upgradation, Capacity, Speed.
6 BIOS (Basic Input Output System)
BIOS Functions, BIOS Setup, Utility, Fault Solution.
»Module-6:Printers (Assembling & Repairing)
Types of Printer (Dot Matrix, Inkjet, Laser) Connection, Fault, Function, Driver Installation, Cartridge Refilling
1 Computer Assembling
Connection of SMPS, CD Drive, Hard Disk, Lan Card, Display Card, Sound Card, Expansion Card RAM, Microprocessor, I/O Port,
Ports (Lpt, USB, Printer, Mouse, Display), Connection, Fault, Repairing, Assembly, Fundamental of PC.
2 Introduction of Function Hardware
RAM, Memory, Motherboard, Processor, T.V. Tuner, Scanner,
Fault in Jumper Setting, Hardware Demo (Video), PPT File (Theory on Projector), Nero Software, Operating System (XP) (Basic Failt & Solution).
»Module-8:Laptop (Assembling)
Installation, Assemble & De-Assembling, Repairing video on project.
1 : Introduction to Networking
» PPT file on projector, LAN, WAN, MAN, Cables, Hub, Switch, Router, Peer to Peer, Installing Cables, Crimpling, etc.
2 : Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
» Administering Windows Server 2003, 2000, XP
» User Accounts, Group Accounts, Backup Restore, Printing
» Recovering from system failure etc.
» Monitoring Windows Server 2003
3 : CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
» Inter networking concepts and overviewe
» Assembling and cabling CISCO Devices
» Router fundamentals and Router configuration
» IP Routing, Overview to VLSM
» Managing Securing, Rights, Printing
» Managing the Server
» Security of Server and Network, etc.
» OSPF, PPP, ISDN, Configuration
» Managing Network Environment
» Catalyst 1900 Switch Operation
» Virtual LAN
» Bozon
4 :Red HAT Certified Engineer (RHCE)
» Overview and Installation linuz
» Linux file system management 2008, Ubuntu
» Network configuration
» Configuring and Installing hardware devices linux file security
» System monitoring
» WiFi, ICS
» Module-11:Training of Computer Maintenance Indoor & Outdoor
Types of Jobs Available
» Trainee Hardware Engineer» Printer Engineer
» Desktop / Laptop Engineer» Server / Networking Administrator
» Multimedia Professional » Certified Short Term Courses
» Mobile Repairing » Teacher Training Course
» Computer Hardware & Networking » Spoken English
» Office Executive » Accounts Executive
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